Hello there. My name is Cody Parker and I’m a programmer, web marketer and Linux server administrator from the Dallas – Fort Worth area. I’ve been developing software, websites and apps for over 14 years and currently run Oomph Media, LLC.

My developer career started in the Microsoft world of Visual Basic and classic ASP web applications and progressed from there to working exclusively with the .NET framework for years. About 5 years ago I discovered the other side of the programming world and started to enjoy some of the open-source offerings out there. I now mostly work with Python, Django, jQuery and mySQL or PostgreSQL and run my clients’ sites on Linux.

Thanks for visiting!

  • Awesome site man! I’m getting into Django/Ngnix/Channels myself.

    Steve 07/13/2018 7:40 pm Reply
    • Thanks, Steve! I plan to have more tutorials covering the latest version of Channels coming soon, as well.

      codyparker 08/02/2018 2:28 pm Reply

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